Vitamin D for Immunity

Vitamin D is Vital to Immune Health

Too much Vitamin D? Maybe it’s not enough. Numerous studies are beginning to suggest that Vitamin D is vital in sustaining immune health and building the strength that our immune system needs to fight infectious diseases.

Philip Calder of the University of Southampton England published research that resulted in concluding Vitamin D is essential in providing the defensive properties your immune system desperately needs to fight viral infections. Yes, the sun does stimulate the body to manufacture Vitamin D, but is it enough year-round? Not quite. A team of scientists from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Belgium found that during the winter months, our bodies have little to no Vitamin D due to a lack of exposure to sunlight. The research team suggests the use of dietary supplements and the consumption of fortified foods, like cereals, fats, and oils, could help normalize your Vitamin D levels during the cold season.  It is worth noting that also cited in the study are Vitamins C, Zinc, and Omega 3, all important nutrients for protecting us against infection.

Having trouble evading the cold and flu season? Nervous for the upcoming season with the threat of COVID? Check your Vitamin D levels! Dr Louise Wiseman, a 15-year veteran of the National Health Service and now a Health writer, explains that above all things, Vitamin D “is integral to helping the body produce antibodies to fight [illness],” especially during the present crisis of COVID-19. Research Conducted at the Trinity College in Dublin suggests Vitamin D deficiency could create a greater risk of a COVID infection, even posing that governments should strongly encourage taking “1000 international units (25 micrograms) per day… particularly when under lock-down.” The lack of sunlight for all citizens in lockdown situations could be increasingly harrowing for those distressed by the pandemic, which emphasizes the utmost importance of the intake of Vitamin D in some form.

Vitamin D works by finding immune-building genes to specifically boost your defense against diseases and illnesses. In Vitro, testing conducted by the University of Eastern Finland found that when Vitamin D interacts with cells, it targets specific genes to strengthen quick and acute responses to infections and autoimmunity.

Foods high in Vitamin D are:

  1. Fish (particularly salmon)
  2. Mushrooms that are exposed to sunlight (i.e. crimini, portabellas, maitakes)
  3. Milk
  4. Pork Chops
  5. Eggs

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