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Challenge The Status Quo!

At Edge Weight Loss & Fatigue, we believe that a revolution is taking place in healthcare! Providers and patients alike are taking back their health by actively engaging in wellness. We’re leading that charge.

Our programs are designed to keep the body in its natural state of balance while reducing inflammation and increasing energy production at a cellular level. Feel better. Look better. Be better.

Our Philosophy

When you come in for your initial appointment, it’s important that you feel comfortable telling us exactly what your concerns are so we will know how best to treat you. It is equally important that before you leave our office, you are comfortable that we have answered all of your questions and that you have a full understanding of what your goals are and our plans in meeting your expectations.

A Truly Personalized Approach to Wellness

At Edge, we understand that every person is unique and special and has different needs. That’s why our treatment programs are truly customized and tailored to your body’s biochemistry and individual goals. We are more than just a weight loss clinic! We offer nutrition programs, hormone replacement therapy, Peptides, body composition analysis, and of course our medically supervised weight loss programs. All of which are centered around you and your health and fitness goals.

We formulate all of our vitamins, hormones, peptides, and weight loss medications to replenish what your body is lacking.

Comprehensive Blood Labs Performed

Everybody is different. At Edge, through our comprehensive blood analysis, we can ascertain your baseline health, and throughout the treatment process, we continually monitor your labs. To ensure utmost convenience, all blood draws and lab work are performed onsite.

We Are The Source

At Edge Weight Loss & Fatigue, our ability to provide patients with the highest quality and most personalized wellness experience stems from the fact that we own the source.

All of our formulations, including bio-identical hormones, peptides, vitamin injectables, and weight loss medications are prepared at our in-house pharmacy that meets the highest standards in quality, purity, and convenience.
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