Vitamin D Benefits

The Benefits of Vitamin D for Health and Weight Loss

There are many benefits of Vitamin D, but most people don’t associate it with weight loss.  If you’re struggling with those last few pounds, or just want to boost your metabolism to encourage weight loss, a daily regimen of Vitamin D may be the jumpstart you need!

The best way to ensure your body is functioning at its best is to feed it with the proper vitamins and minerals it needs, and at the right times.  A daily morning dose of water-soluble vitamin D on an empty stomach before eating a healthy breakfast can help you stay fueled and focused throughout the morning.

Recent studies suggest that vitamin D in the correct doses can enhance weight loss and decrease body fat.  A proper balance of vitamin D aids in serotonin production, which helps control appetite and increases feelings of gratification, which is linked to a reduction of fat cells in the body. Vitamin D is also linked to maintaining healthy bones and teeth, boosting your immune system, brain, and nervous system, along with supporting lung function and cardiovascular health.

Your diet and healthy eating is the best way to feed your body the proper vitamins and minerals. Foods rich in vitamin D include salmon, oysters, eggs, yogurt, tuna, cod liver oil, mushrooms, liver, oily fish, and milk.  Sunshine is the absolute best natural source of natural vitamin D, so get outside and boost your energy and metabolism!

If you are unsure your diet is incorporating the proper vitamins and minerals it may need, contact us for our monthly IV Nutrition Therapy specials and we will make sure to keep your body fueled and running at its best.

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