Peptide Therapy

Put the Pep Back in Your Step with Peptide Therapy

As we age, we all experience a decline in hormone levels which directly affects our sleep, mood, libido, weight, and a host of other systems in our bodies. One way to combat these adverse effects of ageing is through the important use of peptide therapy.

Peptides are simply a short chain of amino acids that link together to form small proteins.  They are always present in our bodies and stimulate the pituitary gland to secrete growth hormones and direct cellular communication, inducing biochemical reactions that lead to new cell formation.  The great thing about peptides is they are specific to different systems in the body!  With the right peptides signaling the pituitary, we can improve the function of our body with little to no side effects or negative reactions!  Some examples of functions we can improve are the body’s ability to heal itself, metabolism, overall body composition, sexual dysfunction, memory retention, skin tone and elasticity, digestion, glucose metabolism, joint and muscle pain, and more!

Peptide therapy has gained in popularity recently because they are highly specific, well tolerated, and safe!  There are several different peptides that vary in structure, so their effects are wide-ranging.  Transform your body naturally and maintain peak performance with the advanced protocols of Peptide Therapy offered at Edge!


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