Microblading Flow Brows

Microblading Flow Brows Now at Edge!

What is Microblading FlowBrows? With all the new innovations in beauty and the desire to achieve a better appearance for both men and women, this advanced form of tattooing was originally developed in Europe and perfected in Brazil by Natalia Martins. Microblading uses a technique called micropigmentation, where microincisions are made in the form of small individual strokes, mimicking natural eyebrow hairs, while applying pigmentation to the skin to match natural hair color.

FlowBrows takes the microblading technique even further by recreating the hair using very thin wire which is meticulously placed one by one for an extremely natural and realistic result. This process is the ultimate in artistry, allowing the eyebrow to enhance and shape the face. The FlowBrow technique can fill in sparse brows or create new ones, making it perfect for women and men alike!

The procedure is typically painless and extremely meticulous, taking approximately 2-3 hours to complete. Our artist will walk you through a design phase, where the brows are designed according to your desires to ensure perfect shape, position and symmetry. Then the artistry begins!

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