Stronger Immune System

Building a Stronger Immune System

As Coronavirus outbreaks continue to evolve, along with cold and flu season upon us, it is important to keep a stronger immune system so you can stay healthy!  A strong immune system is our first line of defense to protect our body against anything harmful. So many things can affect your immune system, making it weak and unable to fight infections such as COVID-19.  A few signs of a weakened immune system include high stress levels, chronic colds, and stomach issues, slow-healing wounds, frequent infections, and constant fatigue.  There are several ways to build a stronger immune system, including proper diet and exercise, but one of the best ways is with Vitamin supplements.

Vitamin C is one of the biggest immune system boosters because it increases the production of white blood cells.  Humans are the only mammals who don’t naturally produce vitamin C, so we have to either take a daily supplement or include lots of citrus fruits in our diet. Getting your recommended daily amount of vitamin C is difficult to do with diet alone, so taking a supplement is the best way to ensure you are covered.  Vitamin C injections are also a great way to make sure you get the recommended amounts!

Vitamin D is also a key component in supporting a healthy immune system.  A majority of Americans are vitamin D deficient, and during the winter months, it’s more difficult to maintain proper vitamin D levels.  The recommended daily dose of vitamin D3 is 1,000-5,000 IU daily.

Zinc is necessary for immune cell development. There are different types of white blood cells that take part in the immune response.  Their numbers increase when the body is infected, so it’s important to have sufficient zinc to support the additional production of white blood cells when infection sets in.  White blood cells are responsible for producing antibodies that fight bacteria and toxins and destroy infected cells.

Water – yes, water!  Staying hydrated is vital for the proper function of the immune system.  Water encourages the production of lymph, which carries white blood cells and other immune system cells throughout the body.  The recommended amount of daily water intake is 64 ounces, but if you drink coffee, tea, or other caffeinated drinks that have a tendency to dehydrate you, the amount of water you need will increase.

Here at Edge, we offer weekly vitamin injections along with IV therapies that can give your immune system the jump start it needs for the upcoming winter season.  Our offices in Spring, TX, and Katy, TX are here to serve you.  Give us a call today to keep your body and your immune system strong and healthy!


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