Edge Weight Loss Supports Mount Zion Assembly Vosloorus Church in South Africa

Impactful Support from Edge Weight Loss for Mount Zion Assembly Vosloorus Church
South Africa, a prosperous and highly industrialized nation, has experienced rapid economic growth, leading to a significant wealth gap. Despite constitutional provisions for religious freedom, there is a notable emphasis on ethnic African religions over Christianity.

The socio-economic landscape reveals that 56% of the population lives in poverty, with an alarming estimate suggesting that 40% of women may face sexual violence in their lifetime. Additionally, only 26% are employed in a population of 60 million, highlighting the country's multifaceted challenges.

Edge Weight Loss recently donated to support the transformative initiative led by Mount Zion Assembly Vosloorus Church in South Africa, titled "Writing a New Chapter in God's Story."
Whether working locally or abroad, our mission remains constant: to uplift individuals and empower them to lead the lives they truly deserve.